Bee Gardening Classes

Registration is now open for our spring classes. All classes are offered as either remote ($25 registration) or hybrid remote/in-person ($40 registration). The latter offers extra hands-on experience. All classes are taught by Haven manager Christine Casey, and all proceeds support the Haven.

I Planted a Bee Garden: Now What?     April 1, 2023 9am to 10:30am

Many California gardeners are removing their water-hungry turf and replacing it with lower-water plants that provide food and habitat for bees and other animals. But if all you know about garden maintenance is how to start the lawnmower, deciding what to plant and learning how to maintain it can be daunting.

Aimed at beginning bee gardeners, this class will cover the basics of turf conversion and weed control along with plant selection for bees and other pollinators. We’ll also cover maintenance of a turf yard compared to planted borders.

Registration links: remote class or remote/in-person class.

Advanced Bee Gardening     April 22, 2023 9am to 10:30am

This class is for experienced gardeners who want to better support bees in their gardens. We’ll discuss garden design and plant selection based on bee biology as well as how to encourage insect natural enemies to keep bee gardens pesticide-free. We’ll also learn about some of the latest research on bees and gardens and how to incorporate this into your garden. The class will conclude with a tour of the Haven for a hands-on look at plants and bees.

Registration links: remote class or remote/in-person class.

Collecting Bees Through Photos     April 1, 2023 11:30am to 1pm

Bees are fascinating animals, and many people are intrigued by the idea of having their own bee collection for closer observation. An effective way to ‘collect’ bees without harm is by making a bee photo album. We’ll start with an overview of bee anatomy and classification and learn how to distinguish bees from other insects. We’ll then look at key features of common bees that can be used to identify them in flight. The class will finish outdoors for hands-on experience observing, identifying, and photographing bees.

Registration links: remote class or remote/in-person class.

Hours and Directions

The Haven is open daily at no charge from dawn to dusk. Hours on Google Maps and Facebook may not be correct. We’re located next to the Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility on Bee Biology Road in Davis. Directions are here or find us on the UC Davis campus map or Google Maps.

If you’re not able to visit us in person, please visit us virtually through our blog, The Bee Gardener, as well as our social media (links at the top right of this page) for updates.

Bee and plant photography are encouraged at the Haven. Please review our photography policies before taking pictures or videos.

Our Mission

The Haven is a unique outdoor museum that provides resources for local bee pollinators, inspires and educates visitors to create pollinator habitat gardens, and provides a site for the observation and study of bees and the plants that support them.

Current Funding

Funding for, “Promoting Pollinator Plant Awareness, Access, and Habitat Expansion to Benefit California’s Nursery Industry” was made possible by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service through grant 21-46786. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the USDA. This support is administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Specialty Crops Block Grants program (0.5FTE).

The Cygnet Foundation, support for irrigation system repairs

What is the Haven?

The UC Davis Bee Haven is a unique outdoor museum where visitors can observe and learn about bees and the plants that support them. Located next to the Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility on Bee Biology Road, UC Davis, it was planted in Fall 2009 thanks to a generous gift from Häagen-Dazs. The garden is open year-round during daylight hours. Admission is free. For more directions and details to ensure an enjoyable visit, please see “Planning Your Visit.”

Why Does the Haven Matter?

Like to eat? Thank a bee! Bees are responsible for pollinating about 1/3 of all the food we eat, including most of the fruits, nuts, and vegetable that make our diets tasty and nutritious. Bees also pollinate many of our wild plants that in turn provide food and habitat for other wildlife.

Yet many bee species (California has about 1600 native bee species) are in decline. While we don’t know all the reasons why this is occurring, one thing is clear: bees need flowers. We can all plant bee gardens, from a few flower pots to several acres. The Haven is a unique location where visitors can see bees and learn what they can do to help.

Can’t make it to the garden? If you’re not able to visit us in person, please visit us virtually through our blog, The Bee Gardener, as well as our social media (links at the top right of this page) for updates.

Garden News

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The garden is funded by donations and grants. Please consider making a gift to help us in our important work of bee pollinator education and outreach. Thank you. Click here to donate to the garden.


The Haven could not exist without the support of our volunteers. They do much of the garden maintenance and assist at outreach events. Please consider joining the Haven team and supporting our important work. To apply, email beegarden@ucdavis.edu and request a volunteer application; to learn more about our volunteers, visit here.

History of the Haven
The Haven was planted in the fall of 2009. More….

Contact us: beegarden@ucdavis.edu

A friendly reminder from our risk management folks: there are bees in the garden! If in your excitement to view our bees up close you should forget the Haven’s walk-only-on-the-path policy you might step on a bee. And if she reminds you she’s there by stinging you, please take a bee sting flyer from the box on the shed. You can also view the flyer here.

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